Why Have I Been Contacted?

You received a letter because you are considered “lost” by the holder of the unclaimed asset or may be a beneficiary of the deceased account owner. This happens when owners or rightful heirs fail to claim a forgotten asset over a specified number of years known as the dormancy period.  Those left holding the abandoned funds transfer custody to an unclaimed money trust account. Here this lost cash awaits your claim.

We assist you in the recovery of these assets.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us by phone, e-mail or fax to get started. Once we receive the signed agreement from the rightful owner, the recovery process is underway. We will forward a claim package detailing the documentation needed by the holder of your assets to validate the claim.

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Your Privacy is Important To Us

Your personal information is only shared with those individuals with whom it is necessary to perform the services you hired us to do.

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How does it work?

Get started in 3 easy steps.
Call us to confirm you
received our letter.
Email or fax signed
agreement form.
We handle the rest
on your behalf.

Helping Recover What is Rightfully Yours

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